ICObazaar ChangeLog

Last updated September 19, 2018

  • Added new filters for better experience finding ICOs that fit client’s criteria even better. New filters: pre-sale, private sale dates, airdrops, bounty, KYC and/or whitelist requirements, type of block chain, accepted currencies.
  • Fixed default sorting of expert list. All experts are now listed from the ones with more affiliated ICOs to less.
  • JOBS now have the feature for the employers to get notifications of candidates job applications not only in their e-mail, but in their profile on our JOBS site as well.
  • Users can now access full list of jobs from the main JOBS page not only by clicking the corresponding link in the menu, but also by clicking the link See all vacancies on the first screen and All jobs in the Hiring now section.
  • Bugfixes

September 17, 2018

  • Bugfixes

September 14, 2018

We truly believe in the blockchain technology and the opportunities it opens for people and businesses worldwide. As transparency is one of the key pillars of blockchain, we want to keep up the standard on our end, and thus we are keeping an open changelog for all our users to see what our team is going toward.

  • Added everyday statistics on how many ICOs were listed on our site within 24 hours, week and in total on the main page.
  • Improved navigation for registered users. You can now easily navigate in your profile from the top menu.
  • Added notification center for registered users that allows ICOs to track what experts tagged themselves as part of their team or advisory board and experts see what ICOs added them.
  • New fields are now visible in ICO profile: bounty and airdrop links, private sale and pre-sale dates, blockchain type, accepted currencies, KYC and whitelist.
  • Bugfixes.

September 3, 2018

  • Launched ICO verification service. ICOs that have Verified badge on their page underwent KYC, and also had a call with ICObazaar team. This badge speaks for the fact that the ICO is transparent and the team behind it is the one announced in profile.
  • Refreshed Rating design on the site more noticeable and clear.
  • Made process of publishing ICO easier, and added new fields allowing projects provide more useful information to potential contributors. Fields added:private sale and pre-sale dates, links to bounty and airdrop, type of blockchain, accepted currencies.
  • Editing ICOs became easier.
  • Refreshed the design of My ICOs page in user account.
  • You can post comments to ICOs at any time, and see them right away. No preliminary moderation, but moderators go through comments after their posting.
  • Push notifications launched.

August 31, 2018

  • JOBS by ICObazaar is launched. First dedicated service for finding a job in or the right team for blockchain or crypto market project.